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Raised Merbau Hardwood Decking – North Perth - with Stainless Steel Cables as Safety Rails.

This client had the ideal setting for a raised deck. The established trees provide privacy, shade and tranquility to their new Merbau Hardwood deck. This deck has been surface fixed using marine grade stainless steel screws which is the preferred method for a wide profile deck-board.

Raised Hardwood decking with Staircase and stainless steel wire railings 

Raised hardwood deck with stainless steel wire fencing surrounds

Stainless steel wire fencing was custom made for this raised hardwood deck in North Perth and has a modern and clean feel and does not obscure the view into the garden. Perth Outdoor Installations always fit a balustrade according to code which provides safety and peace of mind - should our clients ever wish to sell their property on.

In this instance, the stainless steel wire fencing - as well as being virtually non-maintenance - does a perfect job in providing for the safety of the client and visitors, yet allows full visual access to the lush garden surrounds.

Stainless steel cable balustrade is suitable for all raised areas - if installed properly. It will need rigid supports on the strain-taking posts to allow for the proper tensions of the steel wires.

The access stairway from the deck down into the garden below, is typical of the high standard of workmanship we offer (as standard!)

Raised Deck on Brick PillarsHardwood stairways are not DIY jobs - neither should they ever be entrusted to inexperienced workmen. There are safety aspects and of course financial implications if the job is not completed properly. The decking staircase is probably the section of the deck where experienced workmen will prove to be invaluable. This is not to say that the rest of the hardwood deck project will be neglected. The deck, the deck staircase and of course the safety railing are all important individual parts that make up the whole. Properly carried out, the design and construction will last you a lifetime - giving you years of pleasure and peace of mind.


 To complete the look the sub-frame of this deck has been clad with hardwood. In this example the Merbau Hardwood matches nicely with the original red bricks.